Alex Jones praises Tucker Carlson's false flag series on January 6: “They have surpassed Infowars' greatest exploits”

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Citation From a November 11, 2021 video posted to an Infowars website:

ALEX JONES: Tucker Carlson and his team of editors led by Scooter have taken the info war to another level, I've got to recognize it. I've got to give credit. They have surpassed Infowars' greatest exploits against tyranny because Tucker is so good at having fun while he exposes the globalists on the left. So Tucker is a true populist icon of icons, and we're just blessed to live in the Tucker Carlson timeline. Wow. Great job, Tucker exposing the deep state in their plan to label all Americans as terrorists. Good job being a American that hasn't betrayed his country and his family. We're very very proud of you, Tucker, and your team, and we salute you.