BBC's Kim Ghattas: Trump’s Rhetoric About Crimea “Is Very Troubling Because … This Is The Kind Of Language That Mr. Putin Himself Has Used”

From the August 1 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe

JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): Kim Ghattas, we're going to show it in a few minutes but he also, what he had to say about yanking out the protection of Ukraine from the GOP platform. He seemed not to understand that the Russians already were in Ukraine and then just gave a nonsensical answer. You just sat there and wondered, how could a candidate, and not only not be getting better at this, but seemingly getting worse by the day?

KIM GHATTAS: Well he seems to be operating in an alternate reality where some of the facts that are simply facts that have been video taped, that have been documented, don't exist. And I have to say Joe, there have been moments in this election where I have felt like I've been catapulted back to the Middle East where political candidates, politicians, sometimes operate in this alternate reality where the facts don't matter. Where there is creeping violence in their language and where nothing sticks because the bond between them and their supporters seems unbreakable because it comes from a sort of place of unquestioned loyalty that they have for the candidate or the politician. But when it comes to Ukraine and what Mr. Trump said it is very troubling because as many people have remarked this is the kind of language that Mr. Putin himself has used to dismiss the idea that he annexed Crimea, right? He said that it was the Crimeans who decided for self-determination. That's not exactly what happened and it raises a lot of questions about what exactly is driving Mr. Trump, and I know we've all speculated about that. But there is this uncomfortable feeling that arises when a candidate seems to be more in tune with the foreign policy of another country and it raises a lot of questions about exactly what his foreign policy is going to be like. 


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