Eric Trump’s tour organizer and media partner: “Jared Kushner” might be a clone created by the Chinese government

Clay Clark theorized about “digital twins” with Hitler-promoting antisemitic QAnon influencer Scott McKay, who analyzed the shape of Kushner's skull on-air

Eric Trump has spent the past year traveling the country and appearing on media outlets alongside tour organizer Clay Clark. The “dear friend” of Eric Trump has not only recruited Hitler-praising antisemites to the tour, he’s also promoted a bizarre conspiracy theory targeting Trump’s brother-in-law — suggesting Jared Kushner has been replaced by a clone created by the Chinese government. 

Clark is the co-founder of the ReAwaken Tour, which holds events across the country featuring QAnon, pro-Trump, and Christian nationalist conspiracy theorists

Eric Trump has become the face of the tour, which has also recruited other Team Trump personalities including Lara Trump, former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, former senior Defense Department official Kash Patel, former adviser Peter Navarro, and Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes. Donald Trump recently called into the tour and told former national security adviser Michael Flynn that he would return to the White House with him in 2025.

Eric Trump and Clark’s partnership extends to media appearances: The two frequently appear together to promote the tour and the MAGA agenda on far-right programs, including the QAnon-supporting And We Know, The Mel K Show, and X22 Report

Eric Trump has called Clark “a dear friend of mine” and praised him as having “about 100 times the backbone of the toughest person that you will see."

But Eric Trump’s relationship with Clark caused a significant embarrassment for him and his family recently when media outlets, following Media Matters’ reporting, noted that he was scheduled to speak at his father’s Miami hotel alongside Hitler-promoting antisemites Scott McKay and Charlie Ward. Both McKay and Ward have been tour regulars with Eric Trump and are good friends with Clark, who often appears on their shows. 

Eric Trump initially threatened to take “legal action” against MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for accurately reporting on the story, but then — according to Trump ally Alan Dershowitz — pushed the tour organizers to prohibit them from speaking at the event. Eric Trump also hid behind brother-in-law Jared Kushner — who is Jewish — as a defense for speaking alongside antisemites. 

But Eric Trump may want to have a talk with his close friend about Kushner — if, according to Clark, that’s really him. 

Clark has pushed the bizarre claim that Kushner was actually replaced by a clone, which would (somehow) explain why he has purportedly been undertaking anti-MAGA actions in recent years. 

Clark helped promote the conspiracy theory on McKay’s program on September 10, 2022. The antisemitic host began by noting that Kushner “presents a real challenge for most people who are avid Trump supporters. Obviously, like we are. You have Eric Trump every month at your events.” McKay then proceeded to claim that Kushner, like numerous other people — including Joe Biden and Elon Musk — have been replaced by clones. 

SCOTT MCKAY (HOST): Why is it these cabal players don't look like the real people that they are? I can tell you that just like the Joe Biden, quote-unquote “Joe Biden” we see now is not Joe Biden. I've been following this clown for decades. And as soon as he marched out in 2018 roughly as a candidate, as I've seen him, like, that's not Joe Biden, I don’t know who that is, but that's not Biden. And we know that it is not Biden. 

You have Jared Kushner, right, or you have Mark Zuckerberg. Now, Mark Zuckerberg, we've seen all the pictures of this kid, this kid that was facilitated into this position by the clowns in America, the Rockefellers, etc. He didn't invent Facebook either. That's all bullshit that’s coming from a DARPA project. He has a round head, a round skull. You can't change the shape of a skull, not even with plastic surgery. Now you get to Zuckerberg, has this really long, thin skull, really high like Lurch. Right?

Now you have Jared Kushner, who doesn't look like Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner is kind of a boyish look, you know, dimples, etc. And so the Jared Kushner we've always known, this guy is not Jared Kushner. 

CLAY CLARK: Really? That’s what you believe? 

MCKAY: That's what — I'm pretty solid on that. Just like Elon Musk all of a sudden doesn't look like Elon, he's got more of a puffy face. Why do these players all look different than the real ones?

Clark responded positively to the conspiracy theory, saying that it’s likely the Chinese government created the Kushner clone as a “digital twin” and adding: “You're saying you believe that could be a double. And I'm saying that China now, technologically speaking, it has been widely reported by confirmed, credible media outlets that China can clone people.” 

CLAY CLARK: What you're saying about Kushner, I can't prove that. I can't deny that. I can't say that what you're saying is incorrect. You're one of the most research people that I know. You know. And you know how that is. I'm a big researcher guy. So are you. So I'm just going to point this out, though, that would support what you're saying, it could be possible, is it's called gene editing. 


You're saying you believe that could be a double. And I'm saying that China now, technologically speaking, it has been widely reported by confirmed, credible media outlets that China can clone people. 

McKay went on to do further purported analysis of Kushner’s changed face — “This guy's skull doesn't even look the same, right? That deep dimple right there, that doesn't just go away.” — and then claimed, “The craziest stuff I've been told what they that the other side has a clone out there of Donald Trump.”

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Citation From the September 10, 2022, edition of The Tipping Point with Scott McKay

Near the conclusion of the interview, Clark told the Hitler-promoting antisemite: “I always put you in high regard and I will always speak highly of you because you, my friend, are sharing the truth, and I appreciate you.” 

McKay replied: “Well, it's a blessing to be on the tour, actually an honor and is probably one of the greatest things that we could have happen in this country at this time.” 

Eric Trump and other Team Trump members are scheduled to appear at the next stop of Clark’s tour, which is being advertised as staying at Trump’s Las Vegas hotel. They will be joined by school shooting conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. A poster for the event still lists McKay and Ward as scheduled speakers. The event is scheduled for August, meaning that Clark and his associates will have plenty of time to further embarrass Eric Trump and his family.*

*This paragraph was updated for clarity.