Fox Corp.’s Outkick host Riley Gaines agrees with boss Clay Travis saying high school boys could beat WNBA champs

Gaines: “It's not sexist to say men and women are different. It's reality we all know it.”

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Citation From the October 30, 2023 edition of OutKick's OutKick The Morning

CHARLY ARNOLT (OUTKICK HOST): Riley lets get into the topic we were just discussing, obviously Clay being a little bit sarcastic in the way that he framed the question. But he's saying he's willing to make a bet that the WNBA champions, still being the champions, professional basketball players, would not be able to hold a candle to any high school boys basketball team in the country. Is he being sexist or is he just speaking facts that men and women are very different in terms of what they're capable of athletically?

RILEY GAINES (OUTKICK HOST): Boom. Right there. It's not sexist to say men and women are different. Like you said it's reality, it's truth, it's common sense, it's logic, it's reasoning, we all know it. We learned it in like — actually I don't think you ever really have to learn this in school. You know this from when you're young. It's inherent to know that men and women are different and that's not to say that women are inferior or we're not capable or strong or anything else it is simply to say we're different. And you can look through past events, let's look at U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, let's look at Serena and Venus Williams, let's look at these hockey teams that have done this and the outcome is always the same. 

ARNOLT: So, I mean, so obviously you're taking- if you're putting the bet you're going to put the bet on the boys basketball team, high school level, versus a professional squad, not to mention the champions, from the WNBA, right?

GAINES: Of course.