Fox & Friends Uses Al Jazeera Footage After Host Called It A “Trojan Horse For Terror”

A week after Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy called Al Jazeera's expansion into American television a “trojan horse for terror,” the show used exclusive footage from Al Jazeera to report on a deadly tourism accident in Egypt.

Following the announcement that Al Jazeera was purchasing Current TV to expand into U.S. markets, Doocy asked last week if Al Jazeera America would be a “Trojan Horse for terror.” The following on-screen graphic was displayed when Doocy made his comments:

Terrorist TV Fox Chyron

Doocy's smear did not stop Fox & Friends from airing Al Jazeera's footage of a hot air balloon crash in Egypt that killed 19 tourists. The footage included on-screen text identifying it as “Al Jazeera Exclusive.” 

Al Jazeera Exclusive Footage

Fox host Bill O'Reilly also recently attacked Al Jazeera, claiming that if you “misbehave ... on Al Jazeera, they behead you,” and that Current TV's hosts were “going to be given burqas” before reporting on Al Jazeera America.

Fox News has previously used both Al Jazeera's live feed and its reporting during the Arab Spring protests, despite criticizing President Obama for reportedly watching the network's reporting.