Fox News' Greg Gutfeld claims Democrats are going to put Trump supporters in camps

Gutfeld: “If you talk about issues that matter ... you will need deprogramming, you will go to the camp”

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Citation From the October 6, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): What you're seeing right now -- and it's a bigger issue -- you're seeing cancel culture on a wider, larger scale. You wonder why people are worried about 2024? Because there are a group of elites that are already placing targets on people's backs, from the top -- Elon Musk and Trump -- to the bottom -- the January 6 trespassers.

And if you call it out, if you dare to call it out, a target will be placed on you. If you talk about issues that matter, that the Democrats have abandoned, whether it's immigration or crime or education, you will need deprogramming, you will go to the camp.

Again, this is cancel culture. It is no longer a bug in the system, it is the system. You have the FBI now targeting MAGA Republicans as terrorists, that's part of this equation. So, how should the rest of us react? How should half the country react? Should we just laugh it off?

I mean, you said Trump says all these bad things -- or actually you didn't say that, you said, "This is what people say about liberals and Democrats." Fine, that's name calling. Trump targeted people in power. He didn't go after voters, right? She goes after voters. She goes after Americans. He went after the media and he went after politicians and he went after the Democratic Party. He never went after, quote, "the small-d Democrat."

So it validates everything that Trump has said and others. They are coming for you. They're just no longer hiding it. They want us to be scared. They want us to stay home. They want you to think twice before you say anything or like a post by Trump on Truth Social. But what are we supposed to do? Because if we say something about it, then we get targeted, right? That's what's happening.