Fox News host Jesse Watters attacks ABC News for refusing to broadcast anti-vaccine conspiracy theories

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Citation From the May 2, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Joe doesn't even think he has to shake hands and kiss babies because the Democrats and the media are rigging another primary. Just like crooked did with Bernie, remember? Debbie Wasserman, diamond hands?

But this time, RFK Jr. is getting the treatment. The man's a real threat. Only two weeks into his campaign and he's at 19% taking a huge bite out of Biden's base.


Now, this interview wasn't live, so RFK Jr. and ABC, their anchor, they talked a while about government corruption and the medical industry. But then ABC decided the audience wasn't allowed to hear that. They could only hear one side. So they cut it out and then called RFK a liar. 


That's not journalism. It's the anchor's job to come to the interview prepared. And if RFK says something that she doesn't think's backed up by facts, she can challenge him. The audience deserves to hear both sides of the argument. And then they can decide what to believe. If a guest makes a misleading claim, you say why the claim is misleading, and then you let the guest respond.

He's running for president. Voters have a right to hear what he has to say. But ABC is so lazy and unprepared and unprofessional and so scared of their advertisers that they hacked the interview to death and then slandered the candidate with a cheap disclaimer once he was out the door and couldn't respond.