Fox's Alan Colmes Chides Media Networks For Trump's Special Phone Privileges

Colmes: Networks Should “Not Give Special Treatment To Donald Trump, Who's Willing To Pick Up The Phone And They're Willing to Put Him On”

From the March 28 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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TAMMY BRUCE: We forget that we watch the national news. All of us have seen the same news effectively but when you're in these individual states and you've got a primary coming up, you're getting deluged. You might see Trump all the time. You're getting deluged with ads from other PACs, from the other campaigns. So let's remember that there's -- the average voter in a state is getting hit with a lot of media but I do think that for Mr. Trump, and I agree with Alan in this regard, with all this attachment, all this coverage, is that he still can't break into a majority and I think that's quite telling. 

JON SCOTT (HOST): But all he has to do is pick up the phone and call one of the Sunday morning chat shows and they'll put him on, and they put him on for a long time. 

ALAN COLMES: They should treat him like every other candidate and say you have to be in the studio or not, but not give special treatment to Donald Trump who's willing to pick up the phone and they're willing to put him on. Every candidate should be either in studio or by the phone, but not have disparate rules depending upon when Donald Trump is available.


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