Host for Fox Corp.'s OutKick complains that Latina actress Rachel Zegler was cast as Snow White

Charly Arnolt: “We're taking literally the purest form of fact the movie was based off of and completely changing it”

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Citation From the October 31, 2023 edition, of OutKick's OutKick The Morning

CHARLY ARNOLT (HOST): Let's also make the very obvious note, it's called Snow White. Okay? We want to talk about race? And people want to throw out the race card for all the wrong reasons?

Snow White was based on a woman that is white as snow. They decided to cast a Latina in her role. I'm not saying it's a bad decision I'm just saying we're taking literally the purest form of fact the movie was based off of and completely changing it and from there it has also gone off the rails. But – she doesn't even appreciate the fact she's being cast in a role that ordinarily may not belong to her. And now obviously Disney has gone completely woke and there's been a lot of swapping out of characters in many different senses but that's something that sticks out to me.

Actress Rachel Zegler dismissed similar trollish criticism previously:

Rachel Zegler is reacting to the latest criticism surrounding the cast of the upcoming “Snow White” live-action film. 


While some social media users criticized the casting choices for the seven dwarfs, racist comments about Zegler, who is Latina, being selected as the beloved Disney princess also resurfaced. 

Many fans supported the “West Side Story” actor online, calling her “the perfect Snow White.” 

Zegler expressed her gratitude to her fans, but she also said she no longer wants to engage with the “nonsensical discourse” surrounding her playing Snow White. 

The 22-year-old tweeted on July 15, “Extremely appreciative of the love i feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting.”

She added, “I really, truly do not want to see it.”

Others have also called out such attacks as nonsensical.