Jesse Watters calls for a military invasion of Maine to track mass shooter

Watters: “I'd try anything at this point ... I would try National Guard, whatever, but I agree with the Marines”

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Citation From the October 26, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Dog, this guy, mass shooter, still at large. I mean, this is extremely rare. 

DUANE "DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER" CHAPMAN (GUEST): Absolutely. Listen, Jesse, let's rob this train, Jesse. My blood is boiling. Here is what I would do: I like all your guests tonight, you have got some of the greatest experts in the world. 

If I was in charge of this, when you have a guy that's trained like this, more than police officers, he's got more training than any cop. Cops don't go training like this. He's got more training than probably the Coast Guard. You know what I'd do brother? 


CHAPMAN: I would go out and get me 300 Marines. It takes a Marine to catch a Marine. I'd take those 300 Marines, like Zulu warriors looking for a lion and I'd comb that there and I guarantee you, it takes a Marine to catch a Marine. They would catch him. 

WATTERS: I love it. Are you allowed to deploy active duty Marines in man hunts in the United States? 

CHAPMAN: Well, I don't know. I sure would try it. 

WATTERS: I'd try anything at this point. 

CHAPMAN: I don't know see why they would say no. 

WATTERS: I would try National Guard, whatever, but I agree with the Marines. 

Let me ask you this, though, petroleum services, that's what his expertise was. To me, I think that I think this guy knows about logistics, this guy knows about transportation. This is a smart cookie. 

CHAPMAN: Yes, how do make bombs. You saw -- when I first saw the picture before I read anything, I saw how he was holding the rifle and I told my son, "Whoa. This guy's a professional killer. A trained killer." So, you know the Marine's favorite story is? Kill them all and let God decide. I'd get 300 Marines and I'd take this guy out.