Jesse Watters launches an attack on D.C. judge who imposed gag order in Trump's election case

Watters: “They want to throw President Trump in prison for talking”

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Citation From the October 16, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime 

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): The Mideast is at war, Europe's at war, our open border -- insane. Crime, overdoses, inflation gutting the society. Thank God the left is focused on the real threats: Donald Trump.

Today, a Washington, D.C. judge Tanya Chutkan, a Jamaican-born Obama donor, slapped the man currently beating Joe Biden in the polls with a gag order. Biden's special counsel Jack Smith asked the judge to strip Donald Trump's first amendment rights during an election and the judge said, "Sure, why not." Judge Chutkan ruled that Donald Trump, the likely Republican presidential nominee, isn't allowed to criticize the prosecutor who's trying to put him in prison. And Donald Trump isn't allowed to criticize anyone who could be called as a witness for this January 6 trial. Donald Trump can be arrested for speaking about Joe Biden trying to arrest him.


They want to throw President Trump in prison for talking. We fought a revolution so we could speak like free men. Judges aren't kings and Donald Trump, just like you and I, we have the right to say exactly what we please.