McCarthy-backed House candidate is getting help from an antisemitic podcaster who wants political leaders assassinated

Riley Moore on Two Mikes
Riley Moore appearing on a podcast hosted by Michael Scheuer

U.S. House candidate Riley Moore, who's backed by Speaker Kevin McCarthy, has made six appearances on virulent antisemite Michael Scheuer’s podcast, where the West Virginia treasurer praised the host and his “tremendous program.” 

Scheuer is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who has called for the assassinations of numerous Democrats and said that Jewish people are “disloyal,” “subversive,” and “lethal enemies of Americans” who "must be stopped and then scoured from the continent.”

Moore, who was elected treasurer of West Virginia in 2020, announced in November 2022 that he’s running for the state’s 2nd Congressional District seat. McCarthy endorsed his campaign last month, with Politico writing that his “endorsement could help Moore clear the field in his primary election, where he is already outraising all of his opponents.”

Scheuer is an ex-CIA intelligence officer who co-hosts the Two Mikes podcast. Moore has appeared on the show six times since December 2021, including twice since beginning his congressional run. Moore’s most recent appearance was on June 26 and was posted with the title “Riley Moore is Standing up to The Globalists.” (Antisemites frequently use the term “globalist” as a dog whistle meaning Jewish.) The Republican candidate has promoted his guest spots on social media. 

Riley Moore Two Mikes retweet

Moore has been one of Scheuer’s favorite guests, and the host has repeatedly praised him: 

  • During a show about Moore threatening to “leave big banks over discrimination against oil companies,” Scheuer told him, “I think it's tremendously important what you're doing, sir, and I hope we can support it a little bit by having you on.”
  • Regarding perceived enemies, Scheuer told him, “We should have more people in the country like you, sir, who's willing to put a bull's eye on their back, because you're fighting the good fight and it needs to be fought.” 
  • Scheuer said to him: “What you're doing is fighting tyranny. And I can't think of a stronger advocate than you are of fending off those tyrants. So I wish you had — there were 49 more of you, sir.” 
  • Scheuer also praised him as a potential member of Congress, stating: “You’ve got a lot of common sense in your head. And when you speak, people know, you know, this guy is one of us.” 

Moore, in turn, has returned Scheuer’s praise. He told the hosts during their third anniversary show: “It’s a tremendous program, and you all have done so much in three years. So I'm just glad to be able to pop on here periodically and be part of the win.”

He has also praised the feedback he gets when appearing on Scheuer’s podcast, noting that he received a “tremendous” response after one appearance, which included calls to his office and messages on social media. He told Scheuer that “the more that I do, the more detractors I get, but the more support I also get from programs like this, and I truly appreciate it.”

He has additionally asked Scheuer’s audience for donations, saying on his most recent appearance: “Look, just thanks again for having me on. And to your listening audience, you know, look, we'd love any support you could throw our way. is the website. That's M-O-O-R-E-F-O-R-W-V dot com, Sign up for our list, support us in any way that you can because I'm going to be going in there really ready, guns ablazing, ready to fight, and I need all the support I can get.” 

Media Matters recently reported that Fox’s Jeanine Pirro had appeared on Scheuer’s program as well. During her appearance,  Scheuer told the Fox News host that prior elections had been “rigged” and he thanks God that “the Second Amendment remains in the Constitution because I don't know how else to take care of these vermin.” 

Moore could easily find out about Scheuer’s history of making antisemitic statements and calls for political assassinations by simply looking at his website, where the podcaster openly attacks Jewish people and advocates for the deaths of numerous people. The following is a summary of such vitriolic remarks made on Scheuer’s blog.  

Scheuer on Jewish people: “Disloyal and subversive”; “unreliable and increasingly anti-American”; “lethal enemies of Americans”; "They must be stopped and then scoured from the continent.” 

  • Scheuer wrote: “Currently, average Americans are faced by an immediate and quite desperate need to reduce a domestic enemy to the same kind of dust. The Democratic Party, its black and white terrorists forces and legions of sexually depraved; many of the U.S. military’s flag officers and their highly ranked butt-boy underlings; most of the federal bureaucracy; any person employed by or associated with the United Nations; the media; all teachers/professors; Hollywood; pedophiles; the leaders and their staffs of major league sports; the leaders and their lieutenants of giant companies in the banking, medicine, pharmaceuticals, arms, technology, and social-media sectors; most Jewish-American leaders, journalists, and organizations, and their unending hatred for the American republic; and all Christian clerics who have abandoned their God, Bible, and flocks to side with the foregoing entities, can only be classified as the lethal enemies of Americans and their republic. They must be stopped and then scoured from the continent.”
  • Scheuer claimed that “Jewish-Americans, as whole, are unreliable and increasingly anti-American citizens” and “Jewish-Americans are opting out of the American republic and are part of the governing elite that – via the Wuhan Flu and Climate Change – are determined to make America into fascist state.” 
  • Scheuer wrote a blog post with the headline: “The eagerness of Jewish-Americans leaders to be hitmen, racists, anti-Americans, and propagandists for Biden’s fascists is getting old and, frankly, downright annoying.” 
  • Scheuer claimed: “Recent events suggest that, at least in the case of Jewish-Americans, they are hated and attacked because their leaders are virulent haters of America, its traditions, its dominant faith, its conservative predilections, and its Constitution.” 
  • Of Jewish-Americans’ “loyalty” to the United States, Scheuer wrote: “In 2022, however, one might say that the myth and mask of Jewish-American loyalty to the republic has slipped from face to floor. …It seems that many Jewish-Americans and most of their leaders simply hate the United States and its continued existence as a constitutional republic. Is it truthfully surprising that such an intense and easily recognizable hatred should be returned in kind by those on whom it is focused and exercised?” 
  • Scheuer wrote in a blog post headlined “In Biden’s murderous, anti-White war, loyal Americans will be ‘White Nationalist Supremacists’ prepared to kill tyranny”: “Funny thing, I.G. Farben helped kill millions of Jews, and now great number of pro-Biden, Jewish-Americans are cheering on the mass murderers. Useful idiots, these people.”
  • Scheuer wrote before the 2020 presidential election: “A Trump victory would first luridly disclose, and then destroy, the deep, war-causing corruption driven and paid for by wealthy Jewish-Americans, their organizations, and their overseas friends, and publicized by their legion of media shills.”
  • Scheuer claimed in 2019: “The republic’s fifth lethal enemy, unsurprisingly, is much of the country’s Jewish-American community and the state of Israel. … My bet is that President Trump will make the disloyal Jewish-Americans and their country of first allegiance the last target on the above list of the five deadly enemies of the republic.” 
  • Scheuer wrote after the Internet company GoDaddy removed his account “because, they claim, I was ‘spamming and abusive’”: “Godaddy has no concerns about the disloyal and subversive activities of Jewish-American leaders/organizations and Israeli leaders and their intervention in U.S. elections.”

Scheuer supports the assassinations of U.S. political leaders and Democrats

  • Scheuer wrote: “Fauci, Gates, Birx, the Bidens, Harris, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bushes, and most media are all direct descendants of Mao Tse Tung, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Margaret Sanger, Adolph Hitler, and all UN leaders. … It is time to rid the United States of these depraved, murdering tyrants and their allies by any means that will permanently terminate their ability to harm anyone. Praise God for the 450 million firearms now in the hands of the increasingly poisoned and persecuted citizenry.” 
  • Scheuer urged the “assassination” of George Soros, writing that if Israel refuses to kill him for the United States, the U.S. Marines should. 
  • Scheuer suggested that Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt will get “retribution” for his support of Soros, writing: “Come retribution … and it is, God willing, coming soon.” 
  • Scheuer wrote: “How much better would all of us be today, if the U.S. Air Force had staged simultaneous bombing strikes on the WEF’s [World Economic Forum’s] Davos Conference and the UN just as the last WEF meeting was occurring, with follow-on Warthog raids to make sure as few as possible of the gangsters were left alive amongst the rubble.” 
  • Scheuer suggested, as the Daily Beast also previously reported, that numerous political leaders should be executed. His list included Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. He wrote: “Personally, I would prefer immediate and lethal, post-trial punishment – by loyal-citizen firing squads chosen by lottery – but will stand by any decision that is supported by the majority of loyal citizens.” 

Additionally, as the Daily Beast previously reported, Scheuer said on his podcast: “The only thing I would be upset about if it came to war is that not enough Democrats would get killed.”