MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says that despite being unable to pay his lawyers, he will not settle lawsuits against him like the Fox and the Murdochs did

“The Murdochs made a dirty deal with Dominion”

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Citation From the October 5, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): The media all day today has said, is MyPillow going to go under now? Are you going to – are you going to make a deal with these machine companies? I’m going, what do you think? I said, that's the stupidest question I ever heard. A, no, I said we – and I said, we pray about everything we do – 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Hang on, hang on, woah, slow down, hang on, hang on, why is it not – why is it a dumb question? It’s a logical question. The Murdochs made a deal, why would you not make a deal? 

LINDELL: Well, the Murdochs were in on it, Steve. I'm a firm believer. I believe they were in on it. You know? I’ll say it again. I mean, that's the only reason you would ever make a dirty deal like that. And I said, all these other cases are lawfare that want to push out past the 2024 election to try and distract and run people out of money so we quit talking about our election platforms. I will never stop talking.

BANNON: Haven't the machine companies been kind of on a roll in these lawsuits? Yes or no?

LINDELL: Well, you know, it depends what you think of on a roll. I think, you know, any other time in history, it's these judges. Judges would never let this happen in the old days. Lawfare has not been used in our country since 1796, Steve. This is lawfare.


It's disgusting that the judges let this go forward.

They might think they're winning, Steve, but when they're all melted down, and turned into prison bars, and they're all sitting behind those bars, we'll see who's winning.

BANNON: So, you’re not quitting, you’re not going to – you’re not going to make a deal, you’re going to see this all the way through to the bitter end. Is that what you’re telling people?

LINDELL: Absolutely. They didn’t win. Just because they think they took me down, all my money. They will not win. We will – God wins in the end –

BANNON: I’m also thinking about the deal they cut with the Murdochs. I mean, the Murdochs are 10x MyPillow, they cut a deal with them. You think that’s because – you don’t think that’s because the machine company’s going to win? 

LINDELL: Everybody knows Fox is controlled opposition, I mean, or they'd be talking about this. You think Fox News is going to have Mike Lindell? They’re the one, they didn’t call today. Every other news outlet called, CNN, everybody. Fox won't even say the word Dominion or Smartmatic or election crime. They won't talk about machines or vaccines. They are a weather channel, Steve, that can't talk about hurricanes or tornadoes. The Murdochs made a dirty deal with Dominion. Whatever happened there, someday, I guess, we’ll be able to look in and say oh, that’s why when we subpoenaed you, Fox, you didn’t give us anything. That’s why you didn’t come to us and say, hey Mike, can you give us your evidence, too? Can you give us your stuff? It’s disgusting, Steve.