Remind me, which reporters were fired for jeering Al Gore?

Oh, right: None.

Los Angeles Times blogger/former Bush aide (aren't they all?) Jimmy Orr writes:

Now, cries of media bias against conservatives will be supercharged with an....

... audio recording going viral that captured several reporters mocking a Sarah Palin speech that they were covering.

The yet-to-be-identified (and perhaps soon-to-be-fired) reporters were located in the “media overflow” room at Cal State Stanislaus, a California college where Palin was speaking on Friday.

Immediately after her speech concluded, the insults began in rapid-fire succession, with each reporter seeming to try to outdo each other.

Mocking a politician from a media overflow room is, of course, evidence of “media bias,” and perhaps even a firing offense -- as long as the politician being mocked is a Republican. When reporters heckled Al Gore while watching him in a debate, nobody got fired -- instead, they just continued lying about him in print and on the air. But reporters always seem to forget about that when they talk about media “bias.”