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Rumble is profiting from creators who spread antisemitism

Google Ads is helping to line the pockets of the video-hosting site plagued with antisemitic content

Rumble — the right-wing video-streaming site that markets itself as a “free speech” YouTube competitor — is profiting from advertisements on content from far-right figures and groups who have histories of spreading antisemitism and conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

Rumble has teamed up with the Republican National Committee to exclusively stream GOP presidential primary debates. 

Additionally, Rumble has previously allowed white nationalists to profit from its platform and has profited itself from pre-roll advertisements on videos from QAnon conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, and other extremists. 

Based on a Media Matters review, pre-roll ads are running before videos from at least 16 Rumble accounts of far-right figures and groups who have spread antisemitism. Some of the figures associated with these Rumble accounts have promoted white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and extremist ideologies. 

Rumble has its own ad platform, which allows advertisers to place pre-roll videos and display ads on the video-streaming platform and boasts Truth Social as a publisher, but a majority of ads on Rumble reportedly come from Google’s ad network. This means that Google is monetizing and driving new users and traffic to Rumble — ultimately assisting the website to make money as a cesspool of extremist conspiracy theories and a safe haven for users banned from mainstream social media sites.

  • Here is a breakdown of far-right figures and groups who have made antisemitic comments and have advertisements running on their Rumble accounts. (We have not determined whether these ads were purchased through Rumble’s ad platform, Google’s ad network, or another way.)

    Keith Woods

    Verified Rumble user Keith Woods is an Irish white nationalist and self-proclaimed “raging anti-semite” who helped to spread a campaign to ban the Anti-Defamation League on X (formerly Twitter).

  • Woods rumble ad
  • Elijah Schaffer 

    Neo-Nazi-linked far-right media personality Elijah Schaffer has made numerous antisemitic comments, complained that you can’t question the Holocaust or interview neo-Nazis, and has pushed the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy theory. Schaffer’s show is currently verified on Rumble. 

    Schaffer has been banned from Facebook and Instagram.

  • Schaffer Rumble ad
  • Sneako

    Verified Rumble user and misogynistic streamer Sneako (real name Nico Kenn De Balinthazy) regularly spews antisemitic comments online. 

    Sneako has defended Hitler and attacked Jewish people online, saying that “the Nazis had drip” and that the swastika is “aesthetically pleasing.”

    Sneako has been previously banned from YouTube and TikTok. He was previously banned from X, but is now active on the platform after being reinstated by owner Elon Musk. 

    Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski recently congratulated Sneako on his growth on the platform.

  • Sneako ad Rumble
  • Fresh & Fit 

    The hosts of misogynistic Fresh & Fit podcast, Why Women Deserve Less author Myron Gaines (real name Amrou Fudl) and dating and lifestyle coach Walter Weekes, have made numerous antisemitic comments, including during Rumble streams. The podcast recently hosted Holocaust denier and white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who appeared multiple times and made numerous antisemitic comments. 

    Gaines has defended Hitler and bragged, “We’re the biggest platform that’s talking about the JQ. No one else will do it.” (The “JQ” refers to the “Jewish Question,” an antisemitic framework meant to question the human rights of Jewish people. It was part of the pretext for the Holocaust.)

    Gaines also dressed up as a stereotypical caricature of a Jewish person during one of his livestreams with Fuentes.

    Fresh & Fit is verified on Rumble. The podcast, which has been removed from Reddit and TikTok, was previously demonetized and removed from the YouTube partner program.

  • FreshandFit rumble ad
  • Ryan Dawson 

    Ryan Dawson is 9/11 truther and Holocaust denier who has pushed the conspiracy theory that Israel was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Dawson has also blamed “Hasidics” for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Dawson claims he has been banned from a litany of platforms and services, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, PayPal, and Twitch, among others.

  • Dawson ad
  • Three Spoons 

    Rumble account Three Spoons reposts content from Fuentes and white nationalists Jared Taylor and E. Michael Jones. Both Fuentes and Jones are notorious antisemites.

  • Three Spons Rumble ad
  • Vincent James Foxx

    White nationalist Vincent James Foxx has defended Nazi book burning, complained that “the Holocaust is weaponized,” and has pushed various conspiracy theories about Jewish people.

    Foxx has been banned from YouTube, DLive, and Twitter.

  • Vincent James Foxx Rumble ad
  • Hotep Jesus 

    Hotep Jesus (real name Bryan Sharpe) is an antisemite and Holocaust denier who defended Ye’s antisemitic rants and has attacked Jewish people online for years. He is currently a verified user on Rumble. 

    Sharpe has been banned from YouTube.

  • Hotep Jesus Rumble ad
  • Stefan Molyneux

    Stefan Molyneux is a far-right commentator and white nationalist who has pushed antisemitism, including suggesting that Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of teens was linked to his Jewish background. 

    Molyneux was banned from X for hate speech, but was reinstated by Musk. He has also been banned from PayPal, YouTube, and MailChimp.

  • Stefan Molyneu Rumble ad
  • Patrick Howley

    Antisemite and white nationalist Patrick Howley has made many disparaging comments about Jewish people and has promoted a neo-Nazi group online.

    Howley was previously banned from X, but was reinstated by Musk.

  • Patrick Howley Rumble ad
  • Young Pharaoh

    QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Young Pharaoh (real name Marshall Daniels) has said Judaism is a “complete lie,” has described Jewish people as “thieving fake Jews,” and has pushed various antisemitic conspiracy theories. 

    Daniels was banned from X in 2021.

  • Young Pharaoh Rumble ad
  • Stew Peters 

    White nationalist Stew Peters, who streams his show on Rumble, blamed the June sinking of the Titan submersible on Jewish people and has pushed many antisemitic tropes. Peters’ media network account is verified on Rumble. 

    Spotify and iHeartRadio have both removed Peters’ show from their platforms.

  • Stew Peters Rumble ad
  • Lauren Witzke 

    Far-right media personality Lauren Witzke is part of Peters’ media network. Witzke has pushed antisemitism, suggested that the Rothschild family had advanced knowledge of 9/11, and is a former host of the antisemitic TruNews outlet. 

    Witzke was previously banned from X for posting racist content. She is now active on the platform.

  • CrossTalk news Rumble ad
  • Steven Crowder

    Verified Rumble streamer Steven Crowder, who has an exclusive streaming deal with Rumble, has made antisemitic remarks and defended rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) following his pro-Nazi rants.

  • Steven Crowder Rumble ad
  • American Renaissance

    White nationalist extremist group American Renaissance features various antisemites at its conferences. 

    YouTube banned American Renaissance for violating its hate speech policies. The group was also banned on X.

  • AmRen rumble ad
  • American Free Press 

    American Free Press is a website that was created by white nationalist, neo-Nazi, and Holocaust denier Willis Carto in 2001.

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Carto, who died in 2015, was “infamous for his pro-Nazi and rabidly anti-Jewish views” and for founding the Liberty Lobby, “which billed itself as a conservative, anti-Communist group but became known for its advocacy of both white supremacy and anti-Semitism.”

    American Free Press has a history of pushing antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jewish people, a “New World Order,” and Israel.

  • american free press rumble ad